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Efficient AC Duct Solutions for Year-Round Comfort

Air Duct Cleaning Enhances Indoor Air Quality By Removing Dust, Debris, And Contaminants, Ensuring A Healthier Living Environment And Optimal HVAC System Performance.
Dryer Vent Cleaning Enhances Appliance Efficiency, Reduces Fire Risks, And Improves Indoor Air Quality By Removing Lint And Debris Buildup. Regular Maintenance Ensures Safety And Longevity.
Air Duct Sanitation Eliminates Dust, Allergens, And Mold, Enhancing Indoor Air Quality. Regular Maintenance Promotes A Healthier Living Environment And Comfort.
Air Filters Play A Crucial Role In Maintaining Indoor Air Quality And Ensuring The Optimal Performance Of Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems.
Creosote Buildup: Over Time, Creosote, A Highly Flammable Substance, Accumulates In Chimneys. Regular Cleaning Prevents The Risk Of Chimney Fires.

Our Cleaning Process

Initial Assessment

Our skilled technicians will arrive at your residence and initiate the process by creating two access points in the supply and return lines of your HVAC system. These access points are vital for accommodating the substantial vacuum hoses used during the cleaning. Through these openings, a miniature video camera is introduced to inspect the duct system, allowing you to witness the accumulated buildup. Additionally, a few smaller holes may be created in your system to facilitate the removal of dirt and debris.

Powerful Vacuum Sealing

We securely attach robust vacuum hoses to your HVAC system and ensure airtight sealing. Activating the vacuum initiates the removal of all dislodged material from your air ducts, directing it into a specialized collection unit. Our vacuum runs continuously throughout the cleaning process, guaranteeing the extraction of every last particle without any debris entering your living space.

Cleaning Vent Covers and Air Runs

Our technicians will meticulously clean your existing vent covers and air runs. When necessary, we will remove vent covers for thorough cleaning, but those sealed in place will be cleaned without removal. We employ high-pressure air to dislodge and remove dirt, pet hair, and other debris, guiding it into the main air line for collection by the powerful vacuum.

Complete Contaminant Extraction

Once all debris and particles are gathered into the main trunk line, specially designed whips attached to the main air hose will push any remaining contaminants into the primary vacuum, ensuring their safe extraction. Utilizing negative airflow prevents the release of contaminants into your home, as they are securely collected in a containment unit.

Final Inspection and Resealing

This comprehensive five-step process ensures that your home’s air ducts are completely and thoroughly cleaned, leaving no residual dust or mess for you to manage. You will immediately experience the benefits of cleaner air throughout your home, enhancing your living environment for yourself and your loved ones. Say goodbye to allergens, odors, and inefficiencies while breathing easier with Genie Air Duct Cleaning!